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Receive Great Service with AT&T U-verse

Facts about Uverse from AT&T. This post will provide you more information regarding U-verse.

Receive Great Service with AT&T U-verse

What is U-Verse?

AT&T offers a number of products and services and U-Verse is one of these. Typically the service is at the moment offered in twenty-two states. AT&T presented this service in the year 2006.


U-Verse’s History

By the point early 2007 came, U-Verse was there for almost three million households all over the United States. The service has also been provided to several cities that same yr., including Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, San Diego and also Cleveland and Detroit.

Uverse voice soon was added in the year of 2008. Detroit residents were the first to be able to get U-Verse Voice, and more than 200,000 citizens took benefit of the service plan and registered. There was a moment that over 10,000 brand-new clients were given an installation service each week.

Several years later (year 2011), about four million citizens were enrolled in U-Verse TV services, while there were about two million Voice subscribers plus a little more than seven million High-speed Internet users.


Package Offers of U-Verse

You can select from 6 different U-Verse package deals. The cheapest plan that you can pick is the plan which costs a little less than $20 every month, and that’s the Internet plan.

Right from the Internet Plan next is the U-Family Plan. This type of plan contains DVR, and you can perhaps add a monthly premium and get it free for at least 90 days. U-Family Plan charges in an affordable cost of $30 a month.

The TV and Internet plan can be obtained at approximately $50 every month, while you could get TV, Internet and Phone for $79 each month. A downstream speeds of 6MBPs is provided in both bundles, while a 250 mins worth of call time is actually provided to the TV, Internet and also Phone Bundle.

The last two package deals for U-Verse are the Max TV plus Internet package and the Max TV plus Internet plus Phone plan. A downstream speeds of 18MBPs is offered in either bundle.


Equipment Inclusions for the Customer

U-Verse clients are guaranteed that AT&T will supply the appropriate equipment they really need. AT&T will either rent the device for a monthly charge or sell it in full price, warranty for 1 year included, in their subscriber’s choice. U-Verse users will get a wireless router, modem and TV receivers (in accordance with the bundle they enroll) made by Cisco and Motorola.


How To get Uverse

It’s very, very easy to enroll for U-Verse. You can check out AT&T’s web-site and choose U-Verse to subscribe for your own U-Verse. It is accessible in 22 states, so you better ensure that you are residing in those areas to have this particular service. Once ensuring that the service is accessible in your town, you can now begin choosing for the bundle that you would like. A company agent should then see your area to install the ideal items for the package you’ve chosen. And then you can begin taking advantage of all the features of your U-Verse.

Before signing up for a package, though, ensure that you check your purchasing choices. Clients will find active incentives for Uverse products on a variety of other internet sites. For example, posts coupons and deals for a number of att u-verse services. Coupon codes for introductory discounts on Uverse packages can certainly help brand new clients quite a bit.


Final Thoughts

U-Verse is a great service to get, and it is also definitely worth the money. If a person is searching for an ideal Internet, Phone and TV package, then they must look no further than U-Verse.

Florida’s Housing Market is Rejuvenating

As a whole the housing market in the United States is still down, but there is still some hope in some areas. Particularly, in Florida, where once abandoned projects are being replaced with new homes. With the increase of houses being built, house prices are on the rise too.
Florida's Housing Market is Rejuvenating
Mark Shore is an agent who works in Florida who has been through the good times and the bad. He thought the way business was done before the crash was too good to be true, and that most of his clients were British. This trend went away, and now that things are looking up most of the clients are from Canada, China, Brazil, and Norway. Additionally, there are always United States citizens who are looking to buy in the sunshine state too.

The most promising part is that these new home buyers are paying with cash, and are not looking for loans. The reason people are not applying for loans is they still do not qualify. For the last half-year, home prices in the United States have increased. The good fortune is not seen everywhere in the country, but Florida is one of those bright spots. First time home buyers are still in trouble, but there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel as the market continues to improve.

AT&T Earninngs Report

Earnings season is a time of madness on Wall Street. Missing analysts’ predictions by a penny can cause a stock to decline. The fourth quarter earnings report for AT&T (NYSE:T) was released on 1/24/2013 and reported $.44/share on 32.6 billion dollars revenue, which missed the analysts’ expected earnings by about a penny. Contrary to what you would expect, the stock rose in the following week, and now appears to be consolidating at the new level.

AT&T Earninngs Report

An article written by Michael Nolan of the Motley Fool discussing factors affecting AT&T, appeared in the financial blog, Insider Monkey, on February 1st. It is summarized here. Mr. Noland tells us the company reported a loss of $3.9 billion during Q4 of 2012, although this was better than the $6.7 billion loss reported in Q4 of 2011. It seems that this was due to high costs of the company’s pension plans, and damage incurred to the company’s infrastructure during Hurricane Sandy. This was partially offset by very good sales of smartphones and U-Verse (their package plan that includes fiberoptic delivery of TV, internet, and phone services; save on the package with an ATT Uverse coupon code) during the holidays. These revenues were not enough to negate the loss so investors might have expected the stock to decline. However, the good sales revenues, as well as plans for the future that include expansion of wireless services, shareable date plans, and development of a new home security system seem to have carried the price per share in an upward direction.

What are Snowbirds?

Snowbirds are people who pack up and head south when the weather starts to get cold. They do this for many reasons including health benefits, summer activities, and to avoid the snow and ice. They typically spend anywhere from three to six months in the south depending on their personal schedules and family situations. A common misconception about snowbirds is that they are lonely and have no one to spend the holidays with when they are so far away from home. This is entirely not true.

What are Snowbirds
Elderly people, retired persons, and those who hate the cold and snow are the type of people who become snowbirds. During the winter months it can be very hard on the elderly to get around in the snow and icy conditions. Car accidents, falls, and less sunlight are some of the reasons that the elderly or others may go south for the winter. It can be hard to get around for everyday activities like grocery shopping, going to doctors appointments, and getting haircuts.
Some of the health reasons that snowbirds travel to warmer climates are asthma, arthritis, mood disorders, and depression. People who have physical pain with arthritis can move and feel better when they stay in warmer weather. The same goes for patients with asthma, it is easier to breathe for most in warm weather versus cold weather. Mood disorders and depression are also affected by sunlight and warm weather. Being cooped up inside all winter can give people a case of cabin fever and that is not good for those with mood disorders or depression. It can make them feel more closed in and can aggravate their conditions.
Snowbirds may leave their families and children behind when they travel to warmer climates but they do not leave fun and enjoyment behind. There are many things to do including walking the beaches, gathering sea shells, lounging in the sun, going to festivals, and shopping at many local stores. There are restaurants, shows, theaters, outdoor carnivals, and musical events. There are also many other snowbirds who have no problem joining others like themselves for a double date to one of the many tourist attractions or local eateries. Children and family members should not worry about snowbirds in their lives. They tend to set up Christmas trees, decorate for the holidays, and go to holiday parties and events on a regular basis without their family.

How to Help Someone Who You Think is Bipolar

While this topic really doesn’t have anything to do with boating, it is something that touched my life recently. A good boating friend, who was always known to be eccentric, was suffering from a deep depression and tried to hurt himself after which time it came out that he has bipolar disorder. So this is my tribute to him.

How to Help Someone Who Might be Bipolar

In general, bipolar individuals who are undergoing episodes of depression tend to be easier to persuade than those who are undergoing episodes of mania. If you suspect that someone you know is bipolar, your priority should be getting them to see a mental health professional in case something is wrong so that they can get the help that they need.

Getting Educated

People can have all kinds of reasons for not being interested in getting diagnosed. Perhaps the individual sees it as being too troublesome or simply doesn’t believe there to be a problem. However, in some cases, people can also be averse to seeing a mental health professional due to fear and the stigma that still surrounds individuals with mental health problems. Education can help cut through such barriers, while attempting to hammer through them by using fear of the potential consequences will only strengthen the same.

Making the Process Easier

Making the process of consulting counselors easier can help convince reluctant individuals to talk about their potential mental health problems. Although it is not as good as going to get diagnosed, speaking to a counselor can still help individuals understand their situation and relieve their concerns. Online counselors are a popular means for individuals to get help, both because of the convenience and because online communication is more anonymous.

Maintaining Support

In the end, being supportive can do a lot to help out individuals who may or may not be bipolar. Being respectful of their opinions, not getting frustrated, and using reason can get a lot further than an attempted browbeating.

Top Places to Live in Florida For Boaters

It should come as a surprise to no one that Florida is a great place to live for any avid boater. The sunny, warm weather in Florida allows for excellent boating year round. There are several cities in Florida, however that are better than others when it comes to boating.

Tampa Bay

The warmth and sunshine in Tampa Bay, make it one of the best places to visit, let alone live. Imagine living and being able to boat in a city that receives an average of 361 days of sunshine each year. The area is flooded with amazing sightseeing opportunities, especially by boat. Many docks allow you to pay a small “parking fee” to park your boat and check out the cities many great amenities. Additionally, Tampa Bay is home to some of the countries greatest fishing.

As any boating enthusiast will find, Tampa Bay is filled with boating opportunities as many people use boats to travel throughout the city running errands, sightseeing and working. Surrounded by the bay itself, the Gulf of Mexico and its many tributaries, there is no lack of waterfront in this beautiful boating city.

Fort Lauderdale

Some people have heard Fort Lauderdale called the “Venice of America,” this is because it semi-resembles the European city in its high number of canals and waterways that travel throughout the city. Additionally, as noted previously, Florida’s high number of sunshine filled days each year allows for year long enjoyable boating weather.

Perhaps the greatest thing about living and boating in Fort Lauderdale is the business opportunities that exist for boaters. With existing water taxis, water buses and more, it is easy to see why the water is such an integral part of Fort Lauderdale’s economy, it tops $5 billion each year. With the strong need for water based businesses, there is tremendous opportunities for new small boating based businesses all the time. For those who love boating, the opportunity to create a business out of what you love is a great option and living in Fort Lauderdale is a great way to begin making this dream a reality.

For a complete list of 10 places to live and boat, check out this article.

Overview of Boating in Florida

Boating is extremely popular in the state of Florida as there are eight thousand miles of coastline and almost five thousand square miles of inland lakes and rivers in which to boat. However, it is not just the accessibility that makes boating in Florida so popular. The weather tends to be ideal and the sights are beautiful. Boaters have the option of renting boats, going on guided boat tours, or, of course, taking their own boats out to explore the beautiful waters surrounding this state. It is important to first note some basic regulations and have a sense of the best places to go boating.

To captain a boat one must have a boating license and a registered boat. In addition, they must have an understanding of boat safety and life jackets on board for all passengers. Addition regulations are similar to boating around the rest of the country. For example, there are certain places that one cannot anchor their boat and other places where speed limits are in place. Florida law also states that boaters should make every effort to avoid going through beds of Sea Grass due to the importance of this plant for all species. In addition, manatees are protected and boaters must not harass or harm a manatee for any reason in Florida waters.

While there are many places to go boating in Florida, there are few that are considered some of the best. The mouth of St. Johns River is in the Jacksonville area and this is one of the best fishing spots in Florida so it is commonly agreed upon that it is also one of the best places to go boating. The Fort Lauderdale area is another excellent place to boat as it is the home of the famous Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Key West is a wonderful place for divers or fishermen to boat because there are plenty of opportunities to scuba dive or go fishing there. Finally, Pensacola is a popular place to boat because of its rich history in sailing.

Boating in Florida is a wonderful way to experience this unique and beautiful state. First, it is important to choose to purchase or charter a boat then become familiar with regulations. Next, one must decide where to boat in the state. Another route is to simply take a boating tour. Whatever the decision, it is hard to go wrong boating in these waters.

What Is A Maritime Museum?

Exploring a port city, especially one with a great deal of shipping or naval history, one may see signs and tourist ads for the local maritime museum. A maritime museum is a museum dedicated to ships and sea travel in general, and nearly every port city has one.

Despite their specific topic, maritime museums tend to feature much variety in their focus. As one moves through the displays, the focus shifts from local shipping and fishing companies to Naval history. The general theme of these museums becomes, without question, an appreciation for those who put themselves at great personal risk for those of us on dry land.

Most maritime museums usually have a great deal of real or replica props. These can include things such as anchors, diving suits, rope, life preservers, sometimes even actual pieces of famous vessels as well as both genuine and replica artifacts from famous wrecks and locations.

Models are also a general focus of maritime museums. Ship models range from the simple to the extremely detailed with a wide range of materials from wood to steel. Some models are even made from unusual items such as toothpicks or bits of trash. Most models are to perfect scale and were tediously constructed specifically for the museum, though some are donated later in the model’s life.

The most exciting types of maritime museums are those that feature actual vessels. These are usually inside the ship itself and, while focusing on the feature ship, also retain all the typical parts of any other maritime museum. These types of maritime museums, however, are slightly more rare due to their expense. Maintaining a vessel, let alone a large military vessel or multiple vessels, is not cheap, leading most maritime museums to prefer models, replicas, antique artifacts, and partial vessels.

Maritime museums are always worth the small fee as each one is very different from the last and each city is going to have a slightly different outlook on their maritime history. If ever you find yourself in a port city with time to kill and are curious about the city’s history, look into their maritime museum. All too often, their history is tightly linked to the port itself and its sea-faring citizens.

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